Mohammad Shweimat

“Rula Swaiss; the student advisor I will never forget! Applying to universities isn’t all she does; her passion for helping and supporting students as well as releasing their burden and pressure till the end is her magic. The journey started when I went to her office and wanted to apply for UK universities, after I got my offers it was time to find a suitable accommodation- but that wasn’t the story until I didn’t get the requirements for my firm choice university. Rula knew how much I was willing to go to The University of Nottingham; therefore, she never let me down. Her hard work, help, supports and of course her effort settled my nerves down. Nothing was impossible since all my hope came from her support and hard work- and that encouraged me even more. After two weeks of trying with the university, the admission office gave me the unconditional offer that drew a huge smile on her face- she was even more happy than I was! I didn’t expect that much, but with Rula Swaiss, everything is possible. That’s why when they ask about my university and who helped me getting admitted, I will always tell them Rula Swaiss did! She is one person I will never forget.” Mohammad Shweimat, The University of Nottingham